Way In Building & Civil Construction


Wide range of Plumbing/Sanitary systems are designed to meet the site/ client’s requirement. These are catering to the requirements of various commercial, hotels, hospitals, industrial, institutional design audit & proof consultancy works. Our experts ensure that proper measures are taken as per WHO standard, which also leads to protection of the treated water.

Our company is engaged in Working out water requirement/consumption services, which are calculated on the basis of use and areas served including time & storage tanks capacity. Our systems are based on the utmost rainfall intensity for the project location. We collect the rain water from roofs, balconies, planters, paved areas, lawns and roads through a rain water drainage system to rain water harvesting pits with overflow connection and in some cases the rain water from roofs is stored and used for domestic purpose such as plumbing, sanitary & fire protection, washing of car parking areas and flushing.


Our company offers Electrical Design systems, which are equipped with earthing & lightening protection system as per Indian electricity rule and international standards. These electric design systems have a mode of operation & back-up time, which is customized as per the client’s requirements/ Site Requirements.

  • Assuming responsibility for construction means, methods, sequencing and procedures.
  • Providing cost, quality, inventory control transparency, monitoring and reporting.
  • Holding on-going project meetings with client and trades to monitor job progress.
  • Scheduling, delivery, receipt and proper storage of all long lead systems.